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Website goes mssing

Mark PritchardComment

You might have noticed that the website went missing for nearly a week. Unfortunately when my contract with the previous web-host came to an end they deleted all reference to my domain name and thats when it came to light that they were only forwarding my domain name to squarespace and had not transfered it as I had originally thought. After a lengthy period of emailing between myself, squarespace and the previous web-host we eventually tracked down the company who I'd originally bought the domain name from, once that was established things started to move quickly and within hours the website was live again. Meanwhile while the website had been missing I'd purchased a new domain name (www.spiritofflight.co.uk) to tide me over and to keep my work on the net, if you'd come across it and used it, you can if you like continue to do so as I have linked it onto the SPIRITofFLIGHT Photography website.

Hopefully now I can concentrate on improving the  website.