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2014 Review

Mark PritchardComment

First of all can I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

We now find ourselves halfway through December and yet another year nearly gone. (My God they go quickly when you’re getting old!).  On reflection I can only say that 2014 has been a disastrous year for me on the photography front with only a handful of visits to local airfields and only 2 Airshows attended, it’s wasn't through lack of trying on my part but the day job had to be put first and boy did it end up buggering up all my plans… Will 2015 be any better? I'm not holding my breath!

With that said I did have a highlight this year, on a visit to Germany I was walking across the Monhe Dam (infamous for being breached during WWII by 617 Sqn The Dam Busters) a German Eurofighter Typhoon flew low and fast over the top of me, very impressive. I'm still astonished that Guy Gibson VC and the rest of the 617 crews managed to find the dam never mind bomb it, it’s hard enough to make out the two towers in daylight never mind in moonlight, and they must have had only seconds to line up for their run in, I have total respect for them all.

What was my biggest disappointment of 2014? Well it can only be one thing… not getting the opportunity to see the last two remaining Lancaster’s flying together before Vera departed back home to Canada, everything seemed to be stacked against me, from the day job to the typical unpredictable British weather, I just have to accept that it wasn't meant to be and look at all the pictures you guys took in total envy.