Do you want to keep your images SAFE?

Stupid question really isn't it? If like me you regularly back up to two or more external HDDs you still run a high risk of one if not all of them failing and you loosing everything, I know it's happened to me. This is what I now do,  Along with the external HDDs I now subscribe to Office 365. For just £7.99 a month I not only get the use of the full office package i.e. word, excel publisher etc but I also get 1TB of online storage space for all my documents and pictures, not only that I'm also allowed 4 extra users who also get to use office and more importantly also get 1TB of online storage space each. Do the maths people if you use 5 different emails addresses as your 5 users thats a mighty 5 TB of online storage space for just £7.99 a month. Not even I can use all that space and believe me I take a lot of images!